What we do

JBS Investments is a global fund manager that helps its investors achieve financial security and freedom.


Our approach to investment is simple: We invest in world class businesses undervalued by the market. We are able to invest patiently with a long term perspective, often holding through economic cycles to allow value to emerge.

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Investment criteria

Our criteria is strict. We take immense care to understand the companies in which we invest, with an emphasis on quality, free cash flow generation and growth. We ignore fads and trends. We are opportunistic, open to any geography, sector or part of a company’s capital structure.

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Success stories

JBS Investments’ approach can best be understood by examining our past investments

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Our Products

JBS Investments manages its own and third party capital via investment funds for both wholesale and retail investors.

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“We believe that long-term thinking and creativity is critical to our success and also a key differentiator in the way we approach investing.”

Dr Peter Smith