JBS Investments’ investment philosophy is centered on long term investments in world-class businesses. These investments encompass a broad range of leading businesses across a range of industries and geographies. Previous holdings include the following companies:

Success stories in focus

JBS Investments’ approach can best be understood by examining our past investments.

Finding value amid the gulf of Mexico oil spill

Company: TGS Nopec Geophysical
Investment thesis: Disaster was short term problem but had no long term adverse impact

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Looking past the headlines to purchase a toll road monopoly for near nothing

Company: Atlas Arteria
Investment thesis: Significant undervaluation of “bad child” spin off company

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The ultimate deep value bargain

Company: Pandora jewellery
Investment thesis: investors’ short term focus overlooked future growth prospects

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A long-term business champion in a short term world

Company: Spirit Aerosystems
Investment thesis: investors overlook long term earnings power from maintenance earnings

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The good bad and the ugly

Company: kenon holdings
Investment thesis: Complexity allows for the bargain purchase of a global power champion

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“Seek facts diligently; advice never.”

Phil Carret


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