Resources for Existing Investors

This page provides existing investors with administrative information and resources to manage your investments with JBS Investments, including how to top up your investments or make other transactions, and how to make other changes to your account.

Make an additional investment

Step 1 – complete Application Form contained within the current Information Memorandum (IM)

Download the current Information Memorandum and application form:

Step 2 – send in completed Application to our Administrator

Please post your completed Application Form together with certified copies of any requisite ID documents to the following address:

JBS Investments International Advantage Fund Unit Registry
c/o Apex Fund Services
PO BOX 189, Flinders Lane, VIC 8009

Step 3 – Transfer your application monies to the Fund’s Custodian

Payment of the application can be made by way of:

  • Cheque made payable to: AETL ACF JBS Investments International Advantage Fund - Applications Account (please make cheques non-negotiable); or
  • Electronic funds transfer to the Fund’s Custodian account as follows:

    Bank: National Australia Bank, Corner of Pitt and Hunter Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
    Account Name: AETL ACF JBS Investments International ßAdvantage Fund - Applications Account.
    SWIFT code: NATAAU3302S
    BSB: 082-067
    Account Number: 11-936-7176

Make a withdrawal

Send us your withdrawal instructions in writing

You may request a withdrawal of all or a part of your investment in the fund at any time.

The minimum withdrawal amount is A$20,000 per unit class or your entire investment balance in a particular unit class if the withdrawal would cause your investment in that unit class to fall below A$20,000.

To request a withdrawal send us your withdrawal instructions in a signed letter. Please specify your account number and name, the name of the fund you wish to withdraw from, and the amount(s) (in A$) you wish to withdraw. Please also state how you want the proceeds to be paid to you.

Withdrawal proceeds can be paid by EFT to the investor’s nominated Australian financial institution account.

Important things to note:

The instruction or Withdrawal Form must be signed by an authorised signatory (or signatories, where more than one is required) to the account.

If you want the proceeds to be paid into a financial institution account that is not currently on our record as your nominated account, you must post or hand-deliver the original signed instruction or Withdrawal Form to us.


These forms are intended for Australian and New Zealand residents.

If you are not resident in Australia or New Zealand, contact us to find out whether you are eligible to invest our Funds.