Resources for New Investors

This page provides the administrative information and resources for investing with JBS Investments for the first time.

Step by step guide to investing

Step 1 – complete Application Form contained within the current Information Memorandum (IM)

Download the current Information Memorandum and application form:

Step 2 – supply required ID documentation in certified copy format

The Information Memorandum sets out the ID documentation we require.

Step 3 – send in completed Application to our Administrator

Please post your completed Application Form together with certified copies of any requisite ID documents to the following address:

JBS Investments International Advantage Fund Unit Registry
c/o Apex Fund Services
PO BOX 189, Flinders Lane, VIC 8009

Step 4 – Transfer your application monies to the Fund’s Custodian

Payment of the application can be made by way of:

  • Cheque made payable to: AETL ACF JBS Investments International Advantage Fund - Applications Account (please make cheques non-negotiable); or
  • Electronic funds transfer to the Fund’s Custodian account as follows:

    Bank: National Australia Bank, Corner of Pitt and Hunter Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
    Account Name: AETL ACF JBS Investments International ßAdvantage Fund - Applications Account.
    SWIFT code: NATAAU3302S
    BSB: 082-067
    Account Number: 11-936-7176