About JBS Investments

JBS Investments is a leading fund management company with a heritage of long term value creation.

Our mission

JBS Investments devotes its expertise to build and protect our investors’ capital over the long term.


Our investment strategy is simple: We invest in world-class businesses under appreciated by the market.

Disciplined approach

We are long-term, patient and responsible investors, taking positions in high quality, listed companies when available at attractive prices. We have a rigorous, proprietary research-driven investment process.

The way we do business

We are driven by a set of values and behaviors which are the guiding principles for how we do business.

  • We seek to run our business on principles of honesty and integrity in order to enhance our reputation.
  • We maintain an open exchange of information and strategies with our investors. This extends to both candid communication with our investors and the alignment of our own interests with those of our investors.
  • As a responsible citizens, we aspire to leave a positive lasting impact on the communities where we deploy capital.

Note from our Founder

To our Co-Investors

Our commitment to creating value for our fellow investors is what defines our Firm. While we share this commitment with other fund managers, our approach stands apart from the pack. We follow a value-orientated investment philosophy in the traditional sense and seek to purchase shares in companies with outstanding fundamentals and economic characteristics.

We seek to purchase such companies when they are going through periods of transition and are misunderstood as a result. Business quality is more important than price per se although we seek to obtain a margin of safety by not overpaying. As a result, each of our portfolio companies share a common characteristic: it was acquired at an attractive price.

We hope that our investors visualise themselves as a part owner of each of the underlying companies in which we invest. Speaking for ourselves, we do not view our investors as faceless members of a crowd, but as co-venturers who have entrusted their funds to us to invest wisely. We cannot promise you results, and do not do so. We ‘eat our own cooking’ and wish to make money only when you do. Accordingly, we can guarantee that our own personal fortune will rise and fall in lockstep with your investment in our funds.

Dr Peter Smith

Leadership Team

As a firm, we owe our success to the support of our clients and the dedication of our team. We believe that commitment to people is paramount to success, as the strength of our long term results will reflect the strength of our team.

Dr Peter Smith
Chief Operating Officer

Dr Smith has over 30 years of experience in finance and funds management. Dr Smith is the former Chief Investment Officer and director of Investec Capital Limited where he was responsible for managing several domestic and international funds. Prior to Investec, Dr Smith was head of Asset Consulting at Van Eyk Research Limited and held a senior funds management position at ACSIS Limited managing its suite of superannuation funds. Dr Smith holds two B.Sc(Hons) degrees, an MBA degree in Finance and a Ph.D. degree.

John Sampson
Chief Investment Officer

Mr Sampson acts as a portfolio manager and is responsible for generating and researching investment ideas. Prior to founding the Firm, Mr Sampson worked in the corporate finance department of a leading  investment bank where he was responsible for conducting financial analysis and valuations of public and private companies. Mr Sampson started his career working at top tier law firms including Clayton Utz in Australia and Russell McVeagh in New Zealand. Mr Sampson is a qualified solicitor holding an LLB (Hons).

“We believe that long-term thinking and creativity is critical to our success and also a key differentiator in the way we approach investing.”

Dr Peter Smith